Jan 15th, 2012



Special Event: Ezekiel Harmon- Baby Dedication


Pastor Mike Yancey

Missing Church

A lot of criticism has been leveled at the oldest, largest, and many times, the most influential institution in humanity- the Church. Her buildings have cropped up all over the world, their spires piercing the landscapes of every inhabited place. Her pages of history are stained with horrible misdeeds, and her ranks have divided like a sheet of ice with a thousand hair-line cracks. Yet there is something divine in her bosom…her beating heart has never stopped.
Church attendance says a lot. If you are hungry, desperate for help, or have found fellowship and worship to be imperative to your spiritual health, you will attend church. If you don’t think you need help, you won’t. The early church saw the same patterns…the faithful and the unfaithful, even those who quit coming altogether. An elderly pastor, Bro. Courtney, said he watched repeatedly people in the same patterns. He could always tell when they were starting down…the first indication was missing church.

Why is this such a big deal? Your soul is influenced by your surroundings. You must not willfully isolate yourself from others of like faith- you are like a lamb stranded in the wilderness with wolves catching your scent and hearing your silent cry.

Though unseen, the spiritual wilderness is a real thing. The devil does his best to drive the flock out and split it up, just like animals of the chase. When you think you are alone, you are not- you are vulnerable for attack.
One reason people don’t come to church is because they are discouraged, and church is part of the overall picture of spiritual effort.  “Forsaking” is rooted in three meanings: out, down, behind. If you fall out, you don’t pick back up where you left off…you have to catch up! Forsaking is literally getting out of the race, falling down, and lagging behind. Is that where you want to be? Those who have returned after years of missing will testify that it has been a long journey back. Get in the habit of hanging out with God’s people on a regular basis!


Today will be a special occasion for John and Amanda Harmon. Their newborn baby, Ezekiel James Harmon will be dedicated to God. It is the desire of all Christian parents that their children grow up to love God and to serve Him.


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• John Hooks is recovering from his fall
• Safe travels for Edith as she heads back to Idaho
• Children’s ministry and their families
• A fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit