Jan 20th, 2013

Today's Message:Gilgal- Death to Self

Special: He Knew Me





Dear Friends,

Charles Allen, past pastor of First United Methodist Church in Houston Texas, writes, “Suppose you had no memory? Remembrance of the past preserves our identity. Without that memory we would never know who we are. We know that we are persons who are living now, but we must have in our minds the past in order to know what the now means. Forgetting the past results in an emptiness and a real lack of life today. I heard of a person who said that he was tired of going to church and constantly hearing about the people in the olden days of the Bible. He said "I want to go to 'the church of what's happening now.' "That sounds good, but it is not good. The church that is not rooted and grounded in the past is not going to be effective in the now. As we think of our past mistakes, let us also remind ourselves that our strengths and our abilities and our future is rooted and grounded in our past.”
          The message today will be about Gilgal, a place of remembrance and rolling away of the reproach Israel carried with them into Canaan. Take notes! Joshua 4:1-10


We want to say a great big thank you to our church family for the Christmas gifts. Each gift was special, but we especially enjoyed the cold, hard cash! It was fun spending gold dollars on our Christmas trip and explaining the glittery ‘snow flakes’ that seemed to cling to each one! Thank you all so much. You are truly a blessing to us!


For the next couple of months, Youth Night will be on Thursday night @ 7:00pm. Invite a friend for an evening of games, conversation, and Bible study.


Pastor Yancey will be having a men’s Bible study every other Wednesday after the Wednesday evening church service (around 7:30pm). The location will be off site at a local restaurant. The next date will be on January 30th.


Planning your calendar for 2013? Write it down and block out time in for our spring revival. It will be right after Easter in April with Rev. Richard Mckenzie from Reedy, WV


  1. Praise God! Mrs. Addie surgery was successful
  2. Bro. John Croy needs a special touch from God