Jan 29TH, 2012



Special: Mike & Gina: I Rely on Him

Pastor Mike Yancey

The Lord is My Shepherd

It is a peculiar people claim the Lord is their Shepherd.  People do not follow Christ. They follow themselves, and are lost, have no absolute moral compass, and miss something in their life.
The Closeness David Felt
What blesses me is that David would think of this metaphor, right out of his life, to describe his relationship with Jehovah, who wrote their books, designed their tabernacle and sacrifices, led Israel and called them out as a nation, won their wars and loaded their tables.
…a Shepherd from the hills performing the lowliest of tasks, feeling so close to this Great God, he likens his life with Him to that of Shepherd and Sheep.
Do you feel God that close? Does he fight your battles, and take care of you?

David Received the Treatment He Felt
“He knew from firsthand experience the lot in life of sheep depended upon the man who owned it. Some were gentle, kind, intelligent, brave, and selfless in their devotion to their flock. In their care they would flourish and thrive contentedly. Under another man a sheep might starve, struggle, suffer endless hardship.”

Bro. Snodgrass and Bro. Truitt are preparing to return to India to minister to the dear brethren there. They will be filling extra suitcases with special gifts for the orphans, widows and pastors. This is our opportunity to be HELPERS. A small donation for this effort is appreciated. Mark your donation as “India Box Work”. Thank you for supporting this mission ministry.

Our dogs, if given the chance would speak very different stories about the people in their house. When I grew up, I had dogs, and they ran with me, but I did not pay attention to them like Regina. Regina has a heart I do not have, a touch I can’t and don’t want to develop. She is gentle in her discipline, understanding and patient for the most part with their accidents, bathes them, cleans them, holds them in her lap….any dog would love to say “Regina is my owner!” but they wouldn’t come close to saying the same thing about me. It just wouldn’t occur to them! Who is your Shepherd?



There will be a baby shower for Zeke Harmon next Saturday on February 4th. The Shower will be at the Esparza’s home at 10:30am. If you need more information contact Heather or Regina.


Next Sunday there will be a pot luck dinner after the morning service at the parsonage. Everyone is invited to come and joined in with food and fellowship. If you are able, please bring a main dish and two side dishes. Once again, we will have a short service after dinner, and there will be no evening service.


208 the Lord is my Shepherd 
374 Guide Me O thou Great Jehovah
343 Close to Thee


• Continue to pray for John Hook’s recovery
• Pray for Bro. Croy’s health. He needs God’s touch
• Children’s ministry and their families
• The body of Christ- one for another