Rev Mike Yancey

February 27th, 2011



Your Influence
Greetings to all you who have chosen to meet together in Wesleyan Bible Church. There is nothing more exciting than seeing God move in people’s hearts with their cooperation, and I am seeing it! There is something powerful about sensing God move in your spirit as a very special guest. His influence can be the most uplifting, inspiring, and arresting that you will ever know. There is also something very powerful about your influence on us as part of the body of Christ. We as faithful believers are encouraged in our spirits, when we all decide to discipline ourselves against all the distractions of life, coming together and uniting our hearts in Christ. A quick word of warning: don’t let the devil sidetrack you from putting yourself under the influence of God’s people and His presence…it is the only thing that will help change you and create a new and better you.
A note to those who will be coming to Wednesday night Bible study on March 2nd, our group will meet in the church parsonage next door. We will be attending a Bus Convention night service via live streaming on the internet. To be on time, we will be meeting at 5:30 P.M. We will be having refreshments and fellowship, so bring some finger foods if possible.
God bless…Pastor Mike


Parsonage is a wreck, but order is arising from the rubble. Thanks to all for giving on the appliances for the parsonage. They are beautiful.  We are still about $250 short of our goal and need this to come in sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks to Brian and Samantha for helping us with our last load Monday


It would be wonderful if we all could pack our bags and head to Indiana for the Holiness Bus Convention, but unfortunately, it is a little too far for most of us. But thanks to technology, the main services will be video streamed online. It is our plan to gather at the parsonage and watch the service together, but we need to meet at 5:30pm. Bring some finger food, for a time of spiritual challenge and fellowship.


Sunday Feb. 27th, 2011 AM- Steve & Cindy - He is the Potter



• Bus Convention will be March 1-3. It has been suggested that we can get together and watch it online.  We will meet in the parsonage that week. Time to be announced later.
• Preacher’s meeting for the PNC will be March 9th- 11th. In West Lake, LA.
•  Holiness zone rally revival with Rev. Nathan Bryant from March 18th -20th. There will be a potluck at the parsonage that Sunday afternoon.
• Bro. Snodgrass will be visiting and preaching for us on April 10th. He will also be answering any questions about the possibility of our church becoming a part the Pilgrim Nazarene Church (PNC).
• IHC regional convention: April 29th - May 1st. Marcus Doddrill and Leonard Sankey will be the speakers. Cindy Kearney will be coordinating places to stay and food arrangements.


    • Special prayer time at 5:45pm- Sunday
    • Pray for our revival
    • Carla and children
    • The Bueno family- loss of their loved ones
    • Pray for each other and those family members that we love.