Rev Mike Yancey

March 6th, 2011


Sunday MARCH 6TH, 2011 AM- Gina Yancey-

I Can Trust Jesus




Surrender to God:
Another Sunday, with six more days in the files. I hope you are faring well. Life can move so quickly, and days crammed with just living.
I would like to encourage you to be on the lookout for ways to minister. We are surrounded by people hurting and lonely. I met a lady this week who is enduring a terrible divorce as a result of her son being killed two years ago in an accident. Pain and loneliness touched her every feature.  When I visited I felt impressed to pray with her, and she accepted the prayer. God came and touched us both. The Lord sent me to her that day. She responded with an email of thanks later on. There is much more to life than just business and living. Be on the lookout for touching others, God’s voice and hand extended. Go ahead, step out and offer your services of encouragement!
Today I will be preaching on “What You Would be Willing to Give Up to Know Christ and Share in His Glory?” (Blessed are the Poor in Spirit). We sometimes look at God as a spoil-sport, someone who takes away the fun in life. God taking things from us sometimes is like me taking a razor blade away from my three year old daughter. She might be fascinated by its gleam but ignorant of its potential. I might ask for it gently or take it from her quickly; either way it must be out of her grasp. Our richest gains are many times at the expense of our indulgences, possessions, relationships, etc. May God help us to be willing to surrender anything He would ask or take so that we might be rich beyond measure.
God is on the throne, watching over us. We had a wonderful Sunday service last week. God is moving and many are plugging in as well. Pastor Mike

......................................NEWS AND EVENTS...................................

Let’s get ready for the revival we are about to have March 18-20 with Bro. Nathan Bryant. Many are planning on being here. Make sure you schedule ahead and pitch in with an offering to help the church pay for it! We have created a time of prayer with music and a softer ambience @ 5:45 Sunday evening. Please avail yourself of this time for reflection and silence before God. He is rewarding this.

We had a good time Wednesday night, with 15 in attendance. We watched Bro. Plank preached on the Woman at the Well and Christ needing to go through Samaria. A good time of fellowship followed with food brought by all.

Sis Hautum is back and ready to see her church family. Sis. Edith is back and already working hard. Pray for these ladies.

There will be a church meeting after the evening service at the parsonage for anyone who is interested in being apart of God’s work.

• Preacher’s meeting for the PNC will be March 9th- 11th. In West Lake, LA.
•  Holiness zone rally revival with Rev. Nathan Bryant from March 18th -20th. There will be a potluck at the parsonage that Sunday afternoon.
• Bro. Snodgrass will be visiting and preaching for us on April 10th. He will also be answering any questions about the possibility of our church becoming a part the Pilgrim Nazarene Church (PNC).
• IHC regional convention: April 29th - May 1st. Marcus Doddrill and Leonard Sankey will be the speakers. Cindy Kearney will be coordinating places to stay and food arrangements.


    • Pray for our revival
    • The Bueno family- loss of their loved ones
    • Pray for each other
    • PNC preacher’s meeting is this week
    • The work in India