March 10th, 2013

Today's Message:Precious Faith




I'm Listening Lord

GOD spoke to young Samuel. But Samuel did not understand. Then the old and experienced priest taught him to reply: "Speak, Jehovah; for thy servant heareth."
God speaks to us also before we can understand Him. And we, too, learned from some man or woman of God to reply: "Speak, Jehovah; for thy servant
It is our salvation that God speaks to us and awakens us from the dead, telling us liars the truth in such a way that it pierces to our very bone and marrow. We are thereby compelled to choose. And the choice involved in conversion really consists in praying from our hearts the prayer of Samuel: Speak, Lord; for Thy servant heareth. Speak to me as Thou wilt. I would know the truth, no matter how hard and exacting it may be. And to live as a converted person is really nothing else than to pray from our hearts the prayer of Samuel: Speak, Lord; for Thy servant heareth. Tell me what you think of my Christianity and of me. Tell me about my sins in such a way that it hurts. Speak forgiveness to me in such a way that I believe it and give thanks for it. Make me to know Thy way and Thy will, for my own thoughts and ways lead me astray. When we read the Bible, we should pray: Speak Thou, Lord, to me through Thy Word today. We should pray in this way particularly: Lord, help me, restless and preoccupied as I am, to hear when Thou speakest to me today.
And in our daily lives we should pray: Lord, help me to hear and to understand Thy message to me as it comes through the things Thou sendest me this day. If we will pray this prayer each day, we shall hear glorious things. For there is nothing the Lord would rather do than speak to His children. He will speak unspeakable things to your heart. - O Hallesby


The PNC mission work in India is growing and many souls are being touched with the message of Jesus Christ. Our church has committed $50 a month to support a full time pastor. Your offering goes a long way to spread the gospel of Christ.


The Esparza family will soon have a daughter in Law. Brandon will be getting married to Anna Fiskeaux on June 22nd in Alaska. There will be a reception for Brandon and Anna here in Colorado the 1st week in July.


258- Deeper, Deeper
193- Sanctifying Power
356- I Know Whom I have Believed


1. Peg’s friend, Claudette fell from the attic and is now in a semi-coma state.
2. Hook’s grandson came through surgery fine. Praise God.
3.  Help us pray for a van for Sunday school and youth group.