Rev Mike Yancey

March 13th, 2011


Sunday MARCH 13TH, 2011 AM- Steve & Cindy Kearney-

God Gives Grace




He Knows Our Pain:
One of the most moving passages in English literature comes toward the end of Charles Dickens’ "Tale of Two Cities", a story of the French revolution. Each day there was a grim procession through the streets of Paris of prisoners on their way to the guillotine. In one of the processions was Sidney Carton, a brave man who had once lost his soul but had now found it again and was now giving his life for his friend. Beside him there was a young girl. They had met before in the prison, and the girl had noticed the gentleness and courage of the man’s face. She said to him "If I may ride with you, will you let me hold your hand? I am not afraid, but I am little and weak, and it will give me more courage." So they rode together, her hand in his; and when they reached the place of execution there was no fear in her eyes. She looked up into the quiet composed face of her companion, and said "I think you were sent to me by heaven". In all the dark valleys of life, God our Father, the God of all comfort, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, is at our side.
There is none who understands our pain like Christ. We live in a world wrapped up in pain like an insect in a spider’s web. To this world He came to remove us from sin’s web, apply Heaven’s ointment, and to bind up the broken hearted so that they would heal. Everywhere He went on the dusty roads in greater Jerusalem, a crowd followed Him, for the Great Physician met no physical, mental, or spiritual ailment He could not cure. Like a combine advancing through a harvest field, what He left in His path was much different than what lay before Him. The world was changed, and the message and medicine from Heaven’s pharmacy still works wonders….”Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Pastor Mike

......................................NEWS AND EVENTS...................................

We are looking forward to our Zone Revival next weekend. Nathan Bryant is from the Western slopes of Colorado. Friday night: 7:00pm & Saturday @ 6:30pm. Both services on Sunday. Your offering for this meeting is needed. Revival offering doesn’t come out of the general expenses.
There will be a pot-luck dinner after the morning revival service at the parsonage. All are invited.

Brooklyn can safely now take a bath without the wall tiles falling on her. No more nightmares of mice chasing her. Pastor Mike spent two hard days completely remodeling the bathtub. Thank you Pastor for all the hard work and time you put in. Such repairs are not without their cost. If you can give toward this expense, your sacrifice would really be appreciated.

•  Holiness zone rally revival with Rev. Nathan Bryant from March 18th -20th. There will be a potluck at the parsonage that Sunday afternoon.

• Bro. Snodgrass will be visiting and preaching for us on April 10th. He will also be answering any questions about the possibility of our church becoming a part the Pilgrim Nazarene Church (PNC).

• IHC regional convention: April 29th - May 1st. Marcus Doddrill and Leonard Sankey will be the speakers. Cindy Kearney will be coordinating places to stay and food arrangements.

• YOUTH CAMP is coming up June 13th – 17th. Would love to take as many of our young people as possible.  Make plans now. It’s in Fulton, Missouri.


    • Pray for our revival
    • Tami’s son, Travis in the hospital
    • Pray for each other
    • The earthquake tragedy in Japan