Rev Mike Yancey

Apirl 3rd, 2011


Sunday April 3rd, 2011 AM- Steve & Cindy Kearney

He'll Be To You




Holiness Foundation:
Before construction began on the Empire State Building, New York City workers dug down fifty-five feet through earth to reach granite rock. Several times they suspected they had hit granite and sent up samples, only to be told to keep on digging. Then eventually they struck solid rock and knew without a doubt they had done it. Upon this foundation they built a 1454 foot tall skyscraper that endured over half a century the high velocity winds, and even a 1945 plane crash that killed fourteen people and cost one million to repair on 79th floor level. It was not affected structurally or foundationally.
I Parker Maxey, highly esteemed evangelist, pastor, and teacher in the Bible Missionary Church, wrote a book called The Cornerstone of Living in 1991. He said, “I have lived over three quarters of a century and have witnessed the undermining of almost all things we have held sacred and essential to the God ordained purpose of our existence.”
David cried, “If the foundations be destroyed…?” Ps. 11
The foundations of holiness churches are crumbling from the inside out. The reason we see no difference between the worldly churches and holiness churches is because there is no difference. There used to be. There used to be preachers and layman consumed of the Holy Ghost. They saw things clearly and carefully. They walked in holy areas of comfort and conquest known only to those who had fully surrendered.
Our problem today is that we are building upon men and women who do not live deep enough.
I remember hearing the words from preachers when attending a holiness college, “if you don’t get it settled, you will shallow out.” I now see what they mean. I have witnessed great numbers of people as in great landslide drift away wholesale from solid, safe, living. They live shallow lives. As one said recently, “The curse of our day is that we have shallow people sharing deep truths.”
“God, help us to discover you again, and in living close, to evidence it in our lives by careful, separated living from the world.”

Pastor Mike

......................................NEWS AND EVENTS...................................

With spring comes the warmer temperatures and the outdoor activities increase. The parsonage backyard needs to be landscaped with new seed or sod. This will require that the backyard be tilled up and made ready. Once again, such projects will need to be done with offerings beyond the normal operating cost of the church. If you would like to help out with this project, please mark your giving “landscape”. Estimate cost to landscape the backyard will be determine later this week.

There has been a slight change in the meeting time.  Rev. Stephen Snodgrass, the Superintendent of the Pilgrim Nazarene Church, will be here on April 10th to answer any questions about the church.  We will be meeting right after the evening service. This is an open meeting, so we encourage anyone who is interested in the direction of this church to attend the meeting. We invite all who call the Wesleyan Bible Church their home church to attend. 


Brook’s wish is for a "big, pink birthday" with "lots of people to sing 'Happy Birthday'" to her. So, that's what I'm trying to make happen!
The party will be here at the house, next Saturday, the 9th, at 2:00pm. Please let me know if you plan on attending- Gina


• IHC regional convention: April 29th - May 1st. Marcus Doddrill and Leonard Sankey will be the speakers. Cindy Kearney will be coordinating places to stay and food arrangements.
• YOUTH CAMP is coming up June 13th – 17th. Would love to take as many of our young people as possible.  Make plans now. It’s in Fulton, Missouri.
• PNC camp meeting will be July 25th – July 31st in Dickson, Tenn.
• VBS is scheduled for Aug. 2nd – 6th Make plans to be a helper


    • Sis. Doris Meek has a broken hip
    • Janet Albertson has cancer
    • Meeting with Pilgrim Nazarene April 9th
    • International Holiness Convention