April 8th, 2012



Gina Yancey: Gone the Tomb is Empty

Albertsons: Instrumental: Near the Cross


Pastor Mike Yancey


A tomb will make you cry. They are supposed to make you cry. Inside lies somebody precious, a great loss to you.
Tears will keep you from seeing clearly. You won’t recognize things as they are.
Mary was beside a tomb…crying.  But this is strange- there was nobody in the tomb!
All around her became a whir of activity as the disciples rushed into the cemetery to see for themselves if the tomb was empty. Most of them went away, back to their homes. The Scripture is clear, the disciples did not believe He had arisen from the dead, and they returned home because they certainly were not looking for a risen Savior at large!
Mary was not ready to return home. Her grief kept her there at the tomb, pinned to the spot, with no hope. Tombs are terrible things, even if they are empty.
Empty? Mary did not understand for what reason the gardener would have removed him, but at least give her the body. She will bury it somewhere else. Through her tears she cannot see who it is. In her grief over the great loss coupled with the arrested process of grieving and letting go slowly, she mumbles something to the gardener. Then that fuzzy, indistinct Someone, speaks her name. “Mary!”
            The Lights came on, her vision cleared, her heart leaped, her nightmare was broken, and with fear of being fooled mixed with the shock of recognition she rushed to Him…
How many “tombs” are there in life, with something or someone personal inside?  Yet, what we can’t see just yet is the tomb is empty and it is not a cruel trick by God. Through the disaster and dark empty tomb there appears “another” we don’t recognize.
            Mary looked into the tomb and angels asked her a question: “Why are you weeping?” She turned around and Another asked her, “Why are you weeping?”

God knows why you weep, but God doesn’t cry with you this time, for He knows that when you discover what He is doing, you won’t weep either!
He’s Alive!
Our Resurrection Day is coming. God is smiling and on that day, He will ask, “Why are you weeping?”, and wipe all tears from your eyes!

“Because he lives I can face tomorrow, because he lives all fear is gone, because I know He holds the future, and life and is worth the living, just because He lives”- Bill Gaither


Revival is a time of spiritual renewal. Starting tomorrow night, there will be church service every evening @ 7:00pm. Rev. Larry Pettit will be the evangelist. Saturday night will start @ 6:30pm. If you are able, make plans to come to as many services as you can


To help carry the load for the pastor’s wife, the church people pitch in and help with meals through the week. If you want to help by making a desert, appetizer, side dish, or a main course meal, please speak to Gina or Heather.


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• Marcie still in need of God’s touch
• Barb’s daughter Sandy needs special prayer.
• John Croy doing better, continue to pray
• Betty Covington, dear friend of many passed away.