Apirl 24th, 2011


Sunday April 24, 2011 AM- Albertson Kids

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross




It is Finished. He Lives!:
Now, more than ever, I am convinced that Christ was guaranteed to win, even on the cross. Every angel strained at his heavenly leash to redeem Christ from the cross and slay every perpetrator in a flash of light with eternal swords. Amazed, they watched as He silently refused to cry for deliverance, instead praying for their forgiveness. This was a mystery they could not understand, a level of thinking in the wisdom of God to which they were not privy.
There was a whole crowd in heaven, four thousand years worth of faithful saints, in the vestibule of heaven called Paradise, who awaited the results of the Cross and the Lamb slain for their sins. You see, they had accumulated there on credit, allowed by the Father, on the understanding that if Christ remained the sinless One and went to the cross to die for their sins, they would be granted an entrance fully and freely.
 Instead of the soldiers or Pilate saying the job was done, strangely enough, Christ said the words, “it is finished.” My, what hidden things were happening! Between the Savior and the Father a transaction was ratified, the ransom money paid in full for every sinner who with dirty feet walk upon God’s earth, breathe God’s air, and live in body borrowed from their Creator. "It is finished” meant a bloody battle was fought and God had won, executing a plan flawlessly designed from “before the foundation of the world.”  When Christ died he had completed his part.

On Sunday Morning the Father did His…He raised His Son from the grave. When Christ awakened, He shed his garments of death and laid them aside, then spoke to the stone sitting ever so heavily in its socket. With a concussion it exploded and fell to the side. Out marched our Redeemer to lead and charge us with the great Commission. We are “more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Never doubt, even in the darkest of hours, that God is in control, even of your life, and will never let you go.

Thank God for the miracle of getting the roof completely replaced on the church for a little more than the insurance repair settlement. Premium Roofing torn off the old roof and had a new one on in one day.



We still are awaiting the next step on the sod in the back yard, due to the funds not being there completely. Thank you to those who gave extra for this. We need about $1,200 to fix the sprinklers, buy soil and sod.


The decision to be affiliated with the Pilgrim Nazarene Church will be made in June. Help us pray for God’s direction in this matter. 


his is the year that our church will be hosting the regional IHC. This is always a refreshing time of fellowship and spiritual renewal. Make plans to attend as many services as you can. Invite a friend.


• IHC regional convention: April 29th - May 1st. Marcus Doddrill and Leonard Sankey will be the speakers. Cindy Kearney will be coordinating places to stay and food arrangements.
• YOUTH CAMP is coming up June 13th – 17th. Would love to take as many of our young people as possible.  Make plans now. It’s in Fulton, Missouri.
• PNC camp meeting will be July 25th – July 31st in Dickson, Tenn.
• VBS is scheduled for Aug. 2nd – 6th Make plans to be a helper


    • Sis. Doris Meek has a broken hip
    • Janet Albertson has surgery on Thursday
    • Pilgrim Nazarene Affiliation
    • International Holiness Convention