April 29th, 2012



Pastor Mike Yancey


Thus boldly and proudly wrote James and Jude and Peter and Paul in an age when labor and service were a badge of inferiority and shame. That age with its false standards and corrupt glories was doomed and dying, and these early followers of Christ stood on the threshold, and were ushering in a new era in which service was to become a badge of royalty and a distinguishing mark of the sons of God and the citizens of heaven upon earth. The word servant as used by them meant a slave. They counted themselves slaves of God and of Christ.
The word and the relationship seem harsh and forbidding, but not so when we realize its meaning to these Apostles. They were love-slaves. The bondage that enthralled them was the unbreakable bondage of love.
There was a law among the Hebrews that for sore poverty or debt or crime one man might become the servant of another, but he could not be held in servitude beyond a certain period; at the end of six years he must be allowed to go free. (Exodus xxi. 1-6; Deuteronomy xv. 12-17.) But if he loved his master and preferred to remain with him as his slave, then the master in the presence of judges was to place the man against a door or door-post and bore a hole through his ear, and this was to be the mark that he was his master's servant for ever.

It was not the slavery of compulsion and law, but the willing and glad slavery of love. And this was the voluntary attitude of Paul and of Jude, of Peter and James. Jesus had won them by love. They had sat at the feet of the Great Servant of Love, who came not to be served but to serve, to minister to others, to give His life a ransom for all. They had seen Him giving Himself to the poor, the weary, the heavy laden, the vile, the sinful, and the unthankful. They had seen His blessed life outpoured --. Samuel Logan Brengle


We will be having a church workday on May 19th. Matt and Golden are organizing a group of volunteers to be there that day. We are trusting God for a good day of work, fellowship, food, and praise. We will start at 7:00am and go till 9:00pm. If you can come for a few hours or the whole day, it would be appreciated.


Next Sunday is Pot Luck Sunday. Bring a main hot dish and a side dish. See Gina Yancey if you have any questions.


27   Sitting at the feet of Jesus
326 Where he leads I’ll follow
116  Every bridge is burned behind me
11   Take my life and let it be


The Food pantry has been restocked. If you have a need or know of a family in need, see Regina for the best time to access the pantry.


This week is the annual Regional Interchurch Holiness Convention. It will be held in Colorado Springs at the Immanuel Missionary Church. May 4th- 6th.