May 6th, 2012



Pastor Mike Yancey


I hope you are doing well as the summer approaches. Probably the biggest thing on my mind right now is the passing and funeral of Sandy Benson. Please hold up Barb and family in prayer during this grievous period of adjustment. Thank God for Sandy’s testimony. She was a bright star in our services and will be greatly missed. It is amazing to me what a difference God can make in our lives, to take us from not attending to being one of the most faithful due to our desire to know God better. It can happen to many of you, too! As I reflect on her life, I witnessed desire, intense desire, to know God better. She wrote a letter to me and Regina a few weeks ago and expressed how much she had already gained from the services and preaching. She definitely came with her heart open. It was not hard to preach her funeral for I knew where she was going, due to her testimony and hunger.
I wanted to express my appreciation to Jerry Esparza for his faithful substitution in my place the last two Sundays. He is a great guy.
Ryan and Jill Watts have been faithful to attend and have also run on hard times due to Ryan breaking his hand. He also is involved in ministry, and I would like to help him where I could. Would you please pray and bless them with an offering? I want to thank Jill for her support of my wife in the Food Bank, and also thank her for bringing a good friend, Mary, to church Wednesday night.
Also, thanks to Matt and Golden Phillips for their tremendous, generous offering to recruit people to improve the church grounds May 19, 2012. I am amazed at God’s love in people and their willingness to give. Thank you, again.
For those who are curious, God truly helped me preach in the revival in West VA. Many sought and found help in God. It is a true privilege to be called and to minister with His help.


“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

- Philippians: 4:6-7


We will be having a church workday on May 19th. Matt and Golden are organizing a group of volunteers to be there that day. We are trusting God for a good day of work, fellowship, food, and praise. We will start at 7:00am and go till 9:00pm. If you can come for a few hours or the whole day, it would be appreciated.


We invite everyone to join us today after church for our monthly potluck. There will be a short afternoon service after the potluck. There will be no evening service.


3 A Mighty Fortress is Our God
321 Love Lifted Me
 89  Near to the Heart of God


Many of Sandy Benson’s friends and family gathered together last Thursday to give their last respects. Sandy will be missed by all those who knew her.


• Barb’s family- passing away of Sandy
• John Croy- Recovering from his fall
• Pray for our Nation. God is in control.
• The body of Christ- Pray one for another