May 13th, 2012



Pastor Mike Yancey


Years ago, while journeying West to a field of labor with his wife and son, a clergyman ventured onto an unsafe bridge that gave way, dashing them into the cold, fast-flowing stream below. The minister managed to reach shore and went for help, while in the midst of the frigid current, the mother and son clung to some pieces of timber. Finally, benumbed by the icy waters, the woman told her son that she felt she could hold on only a little longer. Her boy was young and vigorous. He might hold out till help came. With loving tenderness, she spoke her words of farewell to her son -- But she was not prepared for his response: "Mother," he said, "If you let go, I will!" With almost superhuman strength, that mother kept her hold on the plank, for, she feared that if she loosened her grasp, her boy's life would be lost. In two hours help came, and they were rescued.
In regards to Mother’s Day, Mother, hear the cry of your child, your son, your daughter, your grandchildren:

        1) "Mother, if you let go of God, I will also!"

        2) "Mother, if you let go of your convictions, I will also!"

        3) "Mother, if you abandon your morals, I will also!"

        4) "Mother, if you relinquish your daily walk with God, I will also!"

        5) "Mother, if you let go of God being first in your life, I will also!"

        6) "Mother, if you let go of being a witness for Christ and caring for others, I will also!"

The list could go on and on.  Mother, if you remember only this Mother's Day exhortation, it should still be enough to cause you to see how greatly important it is for you to “hold on” spiritually in every way, for if you don't it could mean that one or more of your children will miss Heaven. If you DO HOLD ON, it will inspire your children to hold on, or come back to, the blessed old Narrow Way led their mother into that City of Forever.  
            God bless every faithful Christian Mother this Mother's Day who is continuing to "Hold On" spiritually -- for her own sake, and for the sake of all in her family who are watching, and following, her Godly example.


The PNC youth camp will be June 11th -15th in Fulton MO. To help support the efforts of the camp, an offering is taken from all the churches. If you are able to help support sending a young person to camp, please consider giving an offering. Mark it on the offering envelope or memo it.


The church workday will be this Saturday. Matt and Golden have organized a group of volunteers of friends to help on that day. We will be working from 7:00am to 9:00pm. Food will be provided through out the day. Your time and help will be appreciated. There will be many projects going on that day. Don’t miss out on a blessing. All are welcomed.


Faith of Our Father's- 360
Tell me the Stories of Jesus- 420
When we all get to heaven- 324


• Barb’s family- passing away of Sandy
• Good weather for next Saturday
• Youth Camp next month
• Many loved one’s need a special physical touch
• Friends and family that need the Lord.