May 15th, 2011


Sunday May 15, 2011 AM- Kearneys and Yanceys

You Will Be There---- No Not One




The Devil is a sly old fox:
…You ever feel the Devil has you cornered? No surprise, he is a crafty old fella’.
One morning this week I heard the pulsing scream of an animal or baby. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the door to see what it was. Transfixed on the sidewalk, with nowhere to run, was Mr. Chubbs, our cat, facing a fox. The fox wasn’t scared but very interested. I have watched that fox chase other cats. They scram when he turns up, running under vehicles, up trees, ect. What fascinated me was where he had Chubbs…he had nowhere to run, and he was frantic. The fox was in between him and the tree. The devil is like that…he gets us in areas where it appears there is no way of escape. We feel the desperation, crying out. Then, like me appearing at the door, God steps in and makes a way out by scaring off the devil.
The fox looked at me, then at Chubbs, turned away, then turned back to go for Chubbs again, looked at me and reconsidered, hating to let go of the meal, then turned and left. The devil doesn’t let go easily.
Run when you have a chance! Chubbs did. What fascinates me is Chubbs wants to go back out, where the danger is, but he is on his guard now. A few mornings later, here comes the fox again, his head and vision darting in every direction. Chubbs sees him coming, crouches down, when the fox rounds the corner, the cat is stretched out toward the house. 
1Pe 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Please be aware of the devil and his ways. Does he have you or not? Please pray for each other.

– Pastor Mike


The board has approved the use of Savings funds to complete the landscaping project. Sod behind the parsonage will be laid as soon as the weather cooperates.  The men’s restroom latrine has finally been replaced.


Congratulations to Jenae Esparza. She will be graduated from High School this Friday. Her ceremony will be at Mile High Baptist School at 6:50pm. There will be a graduation party on Saturday at the Esparza’s house at 1:00pm. All are invited to attend.


On May 22, we will be having a Baptismal service. If there are those of you who would be interested in being baptized as a testimony of being born into the kingdom of God, please see the pastor.


July 3 a mixed Quartet from Pennview will be here on Sunday morning. Potluck will follow.

• Baptismal Service- Sunday Morning May 22nd
• YOUTH CAMP is coming up June 13th – 17th. Would love to take as many of our young people as possible.  Make plans now. It’s in Fulton, Missouri.
• PNC camp meeting will be July 25th – July 31st in Dickson, Tenn.
• VBS is scheduled for Aug. 2nd – 6th Make plans to be a helper


    • Janet Albertson will start chemo treatments
    • Sis. Doris Meek recovery from broken hip
    • Michael Wright now has lung cancer
    • Pilgrim Nazarene affiliation