July 7th, 2013 -

Today's Sermon: Sweet By and By

Today's Special: When I See His Face for the First Time




A heathen came to an early Christian who had the reputation of curing diseases. The Christian said, " You must have all your idols destroyed." The heathen gave to the Christian the key to his house, that he might go in and destroy the idols. He battered to pieces all he saw, but still the man did not get well. The Christian said to him, "There must be some idol in your house not yet destroyed." The heathen confessed that there was one idol of beaten gold that he could not bear to give up. After a while, when that was destroyed, in answer to the prayer of the Christian the sick man got well.- Anonymous

When asked to pray for a lady who was in the last
stages of tuberculosis, I replied that I could not pray for her physical healing unless she were willing for Christ to heal her soul. I am not sure I was right in demanding that condition, for Jesus did not make such a demand in His healing. Anyway, she was more than ready to meet that demand and did, so I prayed for her healing. In two months she had gained twenty pounds, and became the mother of a lovely family. - Stanley Jones

Let us make sure when we ask God for something to be made right in our life we are willing to yield to Him as Lord.

Stop and consider your life. Do your prayers and acts of service spring from a humble, repentant heart?
Isaiah’s message from God includes instruction for those who repent:
“wash and make yourselves clean” (1:16)
“stop doing wrong” (1:16)
“learn to do right” (1:17)
“seek justice” (1:17)
“defend the oppressed” (1:17)
“take up the cause of the fatherless” (1:17)
“plead the case of the widow” (1:17)


89 Near to the Heart of God
68 All that thrills my soul is Jesus
129 Sweet By and By

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