July 14th, 2013 -

Today's Sermon: Sweet By and By

Today's Special: When I See His Face for the First Time




Hab 2:1-2
(1)  I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me…(2)  And the LORD answered me

Watch for God's answers to your prayers, and not only watch but wait. When God calls upon you to pray, when He gives you the vision, when He gives you an understanding of what He is going to do through you in your Sunday-school class, in your Church or home-watch. How many of us have had to learn by God's reproof,
by God's chastisement, the blunder of conferring with flesh and blood. Are you discouraged where you are, worker? Then get upon his tower with God, and watch, and wait. The meaning of waiting in OT and NT is  'standing under,' actively enduring. It is not standing with folded arms doing nothing; it is not saying, "In God's good time it will come to pass"-that often means, "In my abominably lazy time I let God work." Waiting means standing under, in active strength, enduring till the answer comes.- Oswald Chambers

Dear People, God is moving in our lives. That is exciting and refreshing to see. Some are still battling sickness and are not able to attend. This gets discouraging to them. Please remember them in your prayers. Prepare your hearts and see what the Lord will say to you. He will answer. He always answers. Then go and do it, act upon it, whatever it is, and experience God in a powerful, new way. 
                                                            God bless, Pastor Mike

Colorado Springs Camp Meeting
July 9th- 14th, 2013
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Great is Thy Faithfulness- 86
How firm a foundation- 11
The Solid Rock- 92
A Mighty Fortress 4

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Vacation Bible School
August 6th- 10th, 2013
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