August 7th, 2011





VBS- Flight School:

Dear Parents,
Thank you for bringing your children to VBS Flight School. It was a real pleasure meeting so many new faces. I hope that they will remember the truth given to them in such a fun form.
Sis. Edith Wood and Jerry and Heather Esparza put on such a great program. Our teen-agers, Brian, David, Michael, Holly, Janae, and Callie corralled the kids and put on great skits. Thank you, Mandy and Regina, for the refreshments. A shout out to my friend, Angelo, from for cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs Saturday.
As the things began to close down, I saw all the faces of happy children, and began to wonder how many would have parents that would keep taking them to Sunday School and reinforce the training at home.
The world surrounds these children, fills their minds, their language, and hearts with pollution that will destroy their character. It is up to us as parents to put them in a place where they will hear the great truths of God’s word that can give them the right foundation and set them free. We as parents would like to do a lot for our children, but the one thing we cannot neglect is their spiritual window to heaven. Christ said, “let the little children come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Will you take the challenge and give them the best gift they could ever have, a chance to faithfully be surrounded in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to do right and discover God? If you need help bringing them, we are here for you. God bless.


There is a time and season for everything. This will be Alex’s and Jenae’s last Sunday in Colorado until Christmas. Both will be leaving next Saturday. They will be driving to Hobe Sound, Florida to attend Hobe Sound Bible College. Please pray that God will give them safe travels. Alex plans on attending only one year and then return to complete his BS degree in Criminal Justice. Jenae will attend two years and plans on completing her Mission Aviation certification.


The presences of God was manifested as the Holy Spirit came and poured Himself out as only He can. The preaching was anointed of the Lord as Bro. Dan Stetler and John Parker preached messages that touched our lives. All of the services are posted on the PNC website. All the audio is currently up. Most of the video is also posted. Go to and link to the Media page to watch and listen to the services.


    • Michael Wright’s going through his chemo   treatments. Just finished is second week of chemo regimen.
    • John Hooks is also facing radiation treatment
    • Pray for the Men’s Bible Study group
    • VBS- The gospel seed will grow