August 12th, 2012





Pastor Mike Yancey- Deliverance From Sin

Path of the Shepherd

Dear Church Family
 I understand that you enjoyed Bro. Nate Kline’s ministry. I am so glad he could come.
Our time at the Pilgrim Nazarene Camp was overwhelmingly refreshing in the services and the fellowship. It was a great time of getting re-fired. There are so many churches in our movement that are being used of God to reach the lost. It was a privilege to hear the pastors tell of what God is doing for them. I did share about God’s help in our midst as well. What a wonderful thing is happening here in Lakewood. There are great days ahead and my heart is full of excitement.
I want to personally thank Alex Esparza for stepping up and sacrificing time and energy to reach out and be a Godly influence in the young people’s life. Please keep in mind that there is a special youth activity and service every Friday night.
Also, Heather and a few others have been working very hard to get ready for Vacation Bible School. Please plan to attend this next week starting Tuesday night.
After this next week, we will be starting our Wednesday night prayer meeting at 6:30pm.


The Pilgrim Nazarene Camp was a celebration of love and unity. The Conference reports were positive and encouraging. God is working in the hearts of people. All of the worship services have been archived on the Pilgrim Nazarene website.


But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.  Matt. 19:14


VBS starts next Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. For anyone who wants to be involved there is a place for you. We will be gathering at the church at 4:30pm this evening to pass out flyers in the neighborhood. Heather needs to meet with all the workers after church this evening. If you cannot make it, please see her this morning. Picking up kids for VBS is always a challenge if you think you can help in this area, talk to Heather. Even though VBS is free to anyone who wants to come, it still takes money to operate a VBS. Feel free to give any amount toward the expenses of VBS. Please mark it as VBS.


1.       All Hail The Power of Jesus Name
368   My Savior’s Love


• VBS preparations
• God will touch the hearts of the children
• John Croy- Physical recovery
• Back to School for many of our children
• The presence of the Holy Spirit in our services