August 19th, 2012






Pastor Mike Yancey- Confession of Sin

VBS Week

I want to thank Heather Esparza and all the great team for putting on such an exciting and evangelistic vacation Bible School. The young people did a great job with their skits and support. Thank you, Shayla, Alex, Jenae, Sammy, David, Michael, Callie, Brian, for all your enthusiasm and hard work. Especially want to thank Callie Johnson for flying out this week from Oklahoma to help with our VBS.
Thank you to those who went so faithfully every night and picked up the children and young people.
Thank you, Matt and Golden, Barbara, Peg, Jerry, Regina, Mandy, and all others who volunteered and made the snacks, crafts, and games such a valuable part of the operation. It is people like you with big hearts that make such ministry like this a possibility. You guys are wonderful!
If you are reading this as a parent, you should find one or two of these people and give them a hug and tell them thank you for their commitment.
The week has been long, but fruitful. Heather has spoken along themes that press the young hearts to think of Christ and His love for them. Help us pray that these little minds are helped along to be open to God.

Congratulations are in order for Jenae Esparza- she has taken and passed her pilot’s license exam. Watch out, birds and other sky commuters!
Jerry Esparza has made a purchase or two that is putting us towards having a drop down screen and presentation for congregational singing. Thank you, Jerry, for your wonderful vision and working towards developing our worship.
I was privileged this week to preach the funeral of John Cooke, Tami Mahmood’s father. What a delightful family and touching service. Please keep them in your prayers.  
Last, but not least, Thank you, Lord, for your presence and help. Please touch these young lives and help us to help them. Help us as a church to keep unity and purity, on fire and focused on what is important. You are doing a work here and we want you to continue. Amen.


A change has been made for our meeting time for Wednesday night Bible Study. We will now be meeting at 6:30pm and not 7:00pm. We appreciate everyone who has faithfully been here. We take time to sing a few choruses, have a time of prayer, give people an opportunity to give God praise, and a short Bible lesson from our pastor. Everyone one is invited.


182 Look and Live


• Tamie Mahmood’s Family- Her father passed away
• Edith Wood- Her father passed away
• John Croy- Physical recovery
• Back to School for many of our children
• The presence of the Holy Spirit in our services