August 21th, 2011



Gina Yancey- Day By Day



The Cares of Life:

Most of us live our lives filled with activities that clutter the space that better things should fill.
Christ was our great example…He did not waste his time, but used it wisely.
David in Psalms said, “so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

I will be preaching this morning from the very familiar passage of Mary and Martha’s interaction with Christ, when He told Martha that she was careful and troubled about many things.

My points will be along this line:
Christ our Great Example of Simplicity
Our Greatest Danger: the Many Things
The Unpleasant Result: Troubled on the Inside
Our Lord’s Interruptions that try to stop us from continuing down that path.
The Challenge- take a hard look at your life.

We are not to live hermitic lives, but we must examine our habits and energy drainers to make sure we don’t have too much on our plate and that it is not keeping us from the more important causes in our lives.

– God bless, Pastor Mike


Many hands make the job go easier. Keeping the church clean is a big job. If you are able, please see Heather and let her know how you can help.


After a week of traveling and staying with friends, Alex and Jenae arrived at Hobe Sound Bible College in Florida yesterday afternoon.


The revival dates have been set for this fall. It will be here before you know it. October 23rd through the 29th. Rev. Pat Courtney will be the evangelist. Make plans now, arrange your schedule to try and be here as often as you can.


For the last few years, we have been supporting the mission work of the Pilgrim Nazarene Church in India. We will continue to support this effort by giving $50 a month to support a pastor. India also has other ministries that are worthy of support. They have an orphanage of over 40 children, a widow, and leper work that are also in need of financial support. We also want to continue to remember Gospel Publishing Mission and their effort to reach people through the written word


    • Michael Wright’s going through his chemo treatments. He had a CAT scan and his tumors are shrinking.
    • John Hooks is also facing radiation treatment
    • Revival with Bro. Pat Courntney
    • Gina’s grandparent both fell this week
    • Children’s outreach ministry. Ministry to our community
    • All of our children that are returning back to school