Oct. 9th, 2011



Regina Yancey- Jesus Led Me All The Way


Sin is a Hindrance

Sin is a fundamental relationship— it is not wrong doing, but wrong being— it is deliberate and determined independence from God. The Christian faith bases everything on the extreme, self-confident nature of sin. Other faiths deal with sins— the Bible alone deals with sin. The first thing Jesus Christ confronted in people was the heredity of sin, and it is because we have ignored this in our presentation of the gospel that the message of the gospel has lost its sting and its explosive power.- Oswald Chambers

What a powerful thought. The root of our very existence is marred and must have the power of God to change it. This is the very core of my belief. I need the mercy of God. I need the direction of God. I need the power of God. How do I get it? By submitting to God.
Are you submitted to God, to do whatever He asks at any time? Or are you still struggling with what you want, your way? Here is the secret to peace. Also, maintaining this disposition toward God is the greatest challenge. Don’t be a moralist. Be a child of God, bought by His blood, carried by His power, overshadowed by His love. - Pastor, Mike Yancey


If you have not yet put it on your calendar, do so now. Revival services will begin on October 23rd. That is just a couple of weeks away. Rev. Pat Courtney will be the evangelist for this meeting. We appreciate everyone who is willing to give an offering for revival. Your giving makes it possible for us to call an evangelist.


All The Way My Savior Leads Me – 92
God Leads Us Along- 154
He Hideth My Soul- 291



God is helping the work in India. The Steve Harbison Memorial Church project still needs $10,000 to be completed. We also have committed as a church to sponsor a pastor in India every month. Your sacrificial giving is needed as the Gospel seed is being planted in this part of the world


    • Michael Wright is asking for special prayer.
    • Janet Albertson recovery from her treatments
    • John Hooks recovery from his cancer treatments
    • Revival with Bro. Pat Courtney is coming up- Oct 23rd
    • Children’s outreach ministry. Ministry to our community
    • Many of our friends and loved ones need God’s touch