October 14th, 2012

Today's Message: Rev. Mike Yancey: Take Up The Cross




Take up thy Cross and follow Me
God wants to make a trade with us. He asks us to give up what we want for what He wants for us. The word for the trade is called Sacrifice. To give up something we like in order to obey Him takes a great deal of discipline at first. Christ promised what we would receive in return would equate to 100 times what we had sacrificed in the trade, both in this life and the next. Do we believe it? We cannot know the joy of God’s blessing without experiencing the pain of personal sacrifice through obedience.
Christ put it this way: “Take up thy cross and follow me.” 
Christ walked a road he did not want to take on the human side, but He was divine and lived according to the divine. He obeyed His Father’s word all through His life. This is at least one meaning of this phrase, “take up thy cross and follow me.” It is natural to live for self.
Bro. Rodney’s words still ring in my ears: the life of personal sacrifice. It has stayed with me these few days and I would like to echo this theme today.
Pastor Mike


God has blessed the mission work in India. As an independent holiness church, we have put our efforts in supporting the mission work of the Pilgrim Nazarene Church. We pledge to send $50 a month to help support a pastor. Every dollar helps, and all monies collected goes straight to the support of the pastor in India. Give cheerfully & sacrificially, and God will bless you.


Thanks to everyone who made an effort to attend the nightly revival meetings this past week. Pastor Loper preached the Word and challenged us to live closer to God. If you were not able to attend, the messages are posted on the WBC media page website. The media web address is: www.media.wbclakewood.org.


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 Harbison Family- lost their son.
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