Oct. 16th, 2011



Only Jesus

Joe Stowell was seated next to Billy Graham at a dinner in North Carolina. He says, “I don’t know how you would have felt, but, given the circumstances, I wanted to be sure to hold up my end of the deal in terms of carrying on a good conversation. So I thought it would be interesting to ask Mr. Graham what he had enjoyed most about his many years of ministry. And then (as though he might not be able to think of an answer) I threw out a couple of possibilities. “Was it being with presidents and heads of state?” I asked, and then, feeling rather carnal for suggesting such an earthly thing to the great evangelist, I quickly added, “Or, was it preaching the gospel to millions?”
I got about that far when he took his hand and moved it across the linen tablecloth as though to wipe my lame suggestions onto the floor and said, “Joe, by far and away my highest joy has been my fellowship with Jesus! To sense His presence, to hear Him speak to my heart, to have His guidance and wisdom.” And then, as though he wanted to be sure that I had gotten it right, he said again, “My highest joy has been Jesus!”
May we keep our perspective true, as this man’s.

May we not ride too heavily upon any other thing, but keep this first in our life: Jesus’ presence and help along the way.

- Pastor, Mike Yancey

“Jesus holds all power in His mighty hands divine
He’s the One who healed the sick, turned water into wine; He makes all things possible and He’s a friend of mine: Blessed Jesus – He’s the One!”     John W. Peterson



Revival is a time of spiritual renewal for the church. It is also a time and opportunity for unbelievers to come to the knowledge of His saving grace. Prayer is the key to see God move during revival.  Let us pray that God will come in each service. We need a fresh anointing of His Spirit.
The schedule time for services for Sunday is 10:45am and 6:30pm.  Monday through Friday the start time is 7:00pm. Saturdays start time is 6:30pm


400 Rock of Ages
405 Hallelujah for the Blood
413 There is a Fountain


Heather will be contacting the ladies of the church to plan revival meals. Thank you for your help and cooperation.


    • Revival with Bro. Pat Courtney is coming up- Oct 23rd
    • Sis Hautum  is away on vacation
    • Continue to pray for Barb’s family
    • Danielle Kearney’s  cousin Brian died in a car accident
    • Children’s outreach ministry. Ministry to our community
    • Many of our friends and loved ones need God’s touch