November 4th, 2012





Here is a story I read recently that illustrates the personal responsibility we can take on to make things happen for God.

Charles G. Finney relates the following incident.
"In a certain town there had been no revival for many years; the church was nearly run out, the youth were all unconverted and desolation reigned unbroken. There lived in a retired part of the town an aged man, a black-smith by trade, and of so stammering a tongue that it was painful to hear him speak. On one Friday, as he was at work in his shop, alone, his mind became greatly exercised about the state of the church and of the impenitent. His agony became so great that he was induced to lay aside his work, lock the shop door and spend the afternoon in prayer. He prevailed, and on the Lord's day called on the minister and desired him to appoint a conference meeting. After some hesitation, the minister consented, observing.  However, he feared but that few would attend. He appointed it the same evening at a large private house. The people gathered from far and near, doubtless to the surprise of the unbelieving and faint-hearted. A solemn sense of the presence of God seemed to oppress the assembly, and feelings too deep for speech were welling up in many hearts. All was silent for a time until one sinner broke out in tears and said if anyone could pray, he begged him to pray for him. Another followed and still another, until it was found that persons from every quarter of the town were under deep conviction. And what was remarkable was that they all dated their conviction at the hour when the old man was praying in his shop. A powerful revival followed. Thus this old stammering man prevailed, and, as a prince, had power with God:"   - Pastor Mike


There will be a potluck dinner after this morning’s service at the parsonage. All are welcome to join us for a time of food and fellowship. There may be a short service following dinner. There will be no evening service.


Some of the people have inquired how they can help and share the burden of keeping the church looking clean and nice each Sunday. There is a sheet in the main entry that gives a list of things that can be done on a weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly bases. If you would like to give a helping hand, please take a look at the list and see what God would have you to do.


Funds have been trickling in to raise money for a much needed van. The van is needed to pick up Sunday school children and also to pick up young people for youth night. We have a long ways to go, but thanks to everyone who is faithful to give what they can.


79 O for a faith that will not shrink
118 let all the people praise thee
137 We’ll understand it better by and by


• God’s will be done on Election Day.
• Harbison Family- lost their son.
•Michael Wright- Battle with Cancer
• E51 Youth Night each Friday evening
• Children’s Ministry