Nov 13th, 2011



Sermon: Rev. Rev Mike Yancey: Servant of Christ



Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. 
“Have you ever grown tired of praying for something or someone? Paul says we should “devote” ourselves to prayer and be “alert” in prayer. Our persistence is an expression of our faith that God answers our prayers. Faith shouldn't die if the answers come slowly, for the delay may be God's way of working his will in our lives.
When you feel tired of praying, know that God is present, always listening, always answering--maybe not in ways you had hoped, but in ways that he knows are best.
"Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers in my life, in your powerful and peaceful way."

2 Corinthians 5:17- If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
“One of the tests for determining if the work of salvation in your life is genuine is— has God changed the things that really matter to you? If you still yearn for the old things, it is absurd to talk about being born from above— you are deceiving yourself. If you are born again, the Spirit of God makes the change very evident in your real life and thought. And when a crisis comes, you are the most amazed person on earth at the wonderful difference there is in you. There is no possibility of imagining that you did it. It is this complete and amazing change that is the very evidence that you are saved” … Oswald Chambers

I believe God changes lives…this is my prayer. “God, change me and change others through me.”

- Pastor, Mike Yancey

“Freedom from pride and all sinful follies, freedom from love and glitter of gold; Freedom from evil, temper, and anger, glorious freedom, rapture untold.  Glorious freedom, wonderful freedom, no more in chains of sin I repine! Jesus the glorious Emancipator, now and forever He shall be mine.”-         Haldor Lillenas


The church roof had a leak that was fixed this week. Although a brand new roof, the flashing was not sufficient around the swamp cooler. This cost us a little bit, due to the fact we could not contact the crew who originally did the work.


The boiler in the parsonage is now working very well! For a long time one side of the upstairs and all of the downstairs did not work. Then the whole thing quit. It cost us approximately $500, but now all the regions of the house are heated.


We are looking at changing insurance companies. Due to having three claims in the last five years, we were very limited in being able to get quotes. Approximately a year ago, Church Mutual cancelled a part of our policy that cost us $4500 this year just to clean up a mess from a sewer backup. I have worked for three months and was able to get one quote from Guide One...this policy has better coverage, the company especially insures churches, and the pricing is better. We are in the process of reviewing this.

    Thank you to all who give and support with your money, attendance, and prayers. God bless you.


Grandma Taylor is now in a nursing home
Bro. Michael Wright  continues to need our prayers
The children of our church family.  Many need the Lord
Edith had a car accident. She needs another vehicle
The Children’s ministry and their families
Reach out ministry to our community
God’s presences will manifested in our services