November 25th, 2012

Today's Message: Our Relationship to God when we Pray.




"In some way, far beyond our understanding, when Jesus
Christ died upon the cross He was bearing the penalty for our
sin and paying the price of it. The price was what one of our
great theologians has called 'the infinite worth of the Son of
God.' There was a price because there was a penalty to be
borne. But there is a further cost to be borne because salvation
is more than forgiveness – we are not only guilty, we are
sinful. We need more than forgiveness. What good is
forgiveness to me if I am going to go sinning? I need more
than pardon, I need power…How costly it was to Christ and is
to Christ, to save us from our sins. A life was laid down so
that the penalty would be met. A life is lived out in our hearts
so that a remedy may be found. This is no cheap tawdry
salvation that God gives. It is a wonderful gift, a costly gift, a
royal gift, a divine gift." (George Duncan)
What a wonderful thought it is to think about the fact that we
can be forgiven. But, as George Duncan said, we need more
than forgiveness. We need power. That power comes when we
surrender our whole heart and life to the Jesus and allow the
Spirit to come and make us pure and clean within, saving us
from all sin, making us a holy vessel fit for the Master.

This is what Jesus came to do. This is what He died to do. This
is what He wants to do in every heart. Each and every one of us
can experience this and know it to be reality today. Thank God
for sending His Son! Thank the Son for giving His life a ransom
for many! Thank the Holy Spirit for coming and bringing this
great salvation to our souls!Mark your calendar for December 16th. We will be having the

Children's Christmas program during the morning service. There
will be practice sessions on Saturday December 1st @ 1:00pm,
and the 8th, 15th. @ 2:00pm. The children will be having a
Christmas party on the 8th, so it will last longer.


The church Christmas dinner is still in the planning stages. The
date has not been decided yet. There should be something more
definite by next Sunday


31 Love Divine
68 All That Thrills My Soul
26 Give Me Jesus


• Harbison Family- lost their son.
•Michael Wright- Battle with Cancer
• E51 Youth Night each Friday evening
• Children’s Ministry
• Give thanks to the Lord, He is good